We are
Human Centered
Automation Centric

We are partners to your search not another recruiter.

What We Excel:

Human Capital

Not another buzz word from a consultant. We mean Human Capital. We know your business needs the right people for meeting your goals. We have been in your shoes, which is why we say Human Capital. Did you get from our name that we dig Controls & Automation. Lets work together and get it done!

Talent Strategy

Strategy ! Not another boring presentation you will have to review with your high dollar consultant who has little experience in the industry. Trust us as the folks who have made those decisions and would help you as a good friend. We have built teams to run the worlds largest business across continents. If you are from earth we can help you.

Work with us

Your team will never turn back to typical filling of roles. Only the best for our clients!

Our Mission

Lets Keep It Simple Silly (KISs)
We are focuses one simple goal. Get the right control talent for the organization. No more interviewing 50 candidates to find yours. Let us do the work and you will save time for yourselves. We know you can use that time for other important meetings.

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