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We are ControlTechies

We opened ControlTechies not as a job but a passion. We enjoy Control systems & Automation. Every one of our Specialists are engineers who you might want in your team yourselves. As time has gone by the elite group of control engineers sat down and decided to open ControlTechies as a service to the marketplace.

Our blend of experience in technical and personnel management makes us unique from all the services you find in the market place. No offense to the recruiters who have done this for years ,there is a differnce in recruiting in hiring. We focus on hiring the best fit talent through our proven technique of evaluation of candidates.
We painstakingly organize the candidates in various trenches for different cultures & thats how we do better. We are data people and we love driving decisions through analytics and performance. So you wouldnt have to worry about their qualifications when they show up for the interview. We strive the final interview to be a matter of fit between the manager and the candidate.

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